11 years later


Has it really been 11 years?  I saw someone post that it was a beautiful morning like this.  It was – I remember it.  I was just starting my senior year of high school and was in some stupid guidance “retreat” thing where they were telling us how to apply to college and what we should be done (this was something that they should have done the previous year, but that’s another story).  I didn’t want to go because I had already done  the whole college tour thing and had narrowed it down to two – Providence College where I ended up going and Loyola Maryland in Baltimore.  The last part of the retreat was a class meeting in our auditorium (which was planned) and then our assistant principal came in and told us what happened.  I remember a lot of crying.  I remember being worried about my father who was out of town in Chicago at a trade show (obviously not at a government building) and found my mother, who had just started working as the admissions director of my school.  Our school had televisions in every room that the teachers had on.  There was little hope of getting any work done that day.  One teacher, my AP bio teacher, tried to teach us but ended up breaking down and just turned on the tv as she could tell that we were distracted (I think she also knew people in NYC).

Where have we come in 11 years?  Bin Ladin is dead.  Yet we’re still over there.  (I’m not going to get into a political rant on here…my political opinions are my own and that is not the point of this).

I saw someone else post that one year ago, for the 10th anniversary, there not that many posts and that she had woken up to much more.  I noticed the same.  I also saw the question posed if this should be a National Holiday.  I certainly think so (let’s have this instead of Columbus Day!)

11 years ago.  Never forget!


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