8 Can Taco Soup

This soup has been my lunch for this week.  It is as easy as it gets in terms of making it – you literally open every can (you have to drain a few) and you dump it into a pot and you’re done!  I let soup come to a boil when I was making it just so all the flavors could mix together, and so I could cook a little bit of the liquid off.  I used hot enchilada sauce because I wasn’t sure how it would taste with anything less hot once all the flavors mixed together.  It was REALLY hot when I tried it the first day, almost intolerable for me (I can handle hot things food-wise but have a difficult tolerance for things that are too hot.  C will have to adjust the heat level for himself  if  he’s  making something that’s supposed to be spicy).  The flavors have seemed to mellow out the more I have eaten the soup this week.  Don’t know if it is because the flavors have married or because I have gotten used to it.  I like it though.  Despite the overall convenience of literally emptying all cans into a pot,  I would probably actually get fresh chicken breast for the next time I make this.


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