Buffalo chicken mac and cheese

It is no secret – I LOVE anything buffalo chicken.  It started my sophomore or junior year of college when Slavin Center (our student union) started selling these AMAZING buffalo chicken wraps.  To this day, I have never found anything that could match the perfection of this sandwich (sad I know).  Anytime I go back to PC, and I am there for dinner, I always have to get the buffalo chicken wrap.  I remember always being really sad (along with my friend Beth from Pep Band and who I lived with my senior year of college) if they were out of the chicken or they for some reason were not making them that day (like on Fridays during Lent – the downside of going to a Catholic college).

I also love mac and cheese.  Yeah, it is not the best thing in the world for you, but it so darn good!  I found this recipe and made it once and it went back on the table to make again (or on my “recipes to make again” pin board on Pinterset). The first time I made it, I didn’t use rotisserie chicken but regular chicken breasts.  I also didn’t use pepper jack.  This time, I did use the rotisserie chicken.  I also used an extra sharp white cheddar and used colby jack again.  I don’t think it lost anything by using those two cheese.  It may have been a little bit spicier if I had used the pepper jack, but the spiciness could be changed by adding more buffalo sauce.

It also hit the spot on a day like today – it is cold and rainy in Portland.  Fall has officially arrived :-/


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