Who da thunk it?

I wanted to make this recipe a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t sure if I would have time.  I know I know.  Not enough time to make a recipe the crock pot.  The thing is, you cook it for two hours, throw in the chocolate chips and the grape jelly, and then cook it another two  hours.  Not really “let’s throw everything in but the kitchen sink and let it go while I go to work (or sleep)” type of recipe.

Did I get your attention with the  chocolate chips and grape jelly?  Yeah, you totally read right.  Not the two ingredients you would necessarily expect when you’re making  a turkey chili, but it gave it a uniqueness that  I didn’t expect.  I have small hands, so I don’t know if there should have been more of a chocolatey flavor.  I could definitely taste the grape jelly though, but not in an overpowering way that made it taste weird.  I would probably play around with this some more.  I could see maybe adding a half cup to a cup of chocolate chips to make it taste less like grape jelly (but once again, not in a bad way) and probably thicken it  up some more.  I also used taco seasoning instead of chili seasoning (oops).  I probably would actually use chili seasoning next time or would just use a hotter taco seasoning (I bought the $.85 store brand packet which I think only comes in one flavor…of course the other brand they sell is in  hot,  mild, or “cheesy”).

Do again?  Most definitely.  I might also try it with chicken broth or veggie broth – I don’t know if beef broth necessarily is what I would need to use.  I liked the use of turkey because it made it slightly less  guilty tasting 😉


One thought on “Who da thunk it?

  1. I always use chili powder. If I want it hotter I add cayenne, hot paprika or some kind of salsa. Green chilis are also good. I have made chili with cocoa powder in it, also peanut butter. And I have seen a recipe with grape jelly for bbq sauce. I made chili last week with kale and butternut squash! My husband said he loved it.
    Chocolate is a big part of Mexican cooking — it’s in mole sauces and I have had chili that tastes more like mole than chili.

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