Wedding updates

Well, since as of last Thursday, we had 7 more months and as of Tuesday, we’re at 200 days (holy cow!), I figured it was time for a little update.

What we have done:

– location and date (obviously)

– rehearsal dinner

– reception

– hotel rooms for everyone

– bridesmaid dresses

– MY DRESS! (and shoes)

– photographer

– flowers (sort of…need to figure out what C’s father is going to grow – he owns a nursery and landscaping business and offered to grow some of our flowers for us)

Need to do:

– finalize invitations

– send out save the dates (that’s happening in January)

– engagement pictures (today’s activity…we’re going out at 5 to meet with our photographer)

– band (seeing one tonight)

– engagement announcement (after we have pictures back)

– cake (nom nom nom)

– my veil (minor…but still would like to have one)

– bridesmaid shoes

– tuxes for the guys

– plane tickets and arrangements for honeymoon (which reminds me that I need to update my passport which expired last month).

– marriage prep classes that are required to get married in our diocese – and basically anywhere if you want to get married in the Catholic Church.

The good news is that when I have to change all the important stuff over after I change my name, my driver’s license is going to expire anyways (my 29th birthday is two weeks after we get married so I figure…why not just do it than rather than updating it before the wedding and updating it AGAIN a month later.  Tell me I’m being wise doing this, please).  It’s exciting.  I think I’m going to be more exicted next month when we’re at 6 months (and the excitement probably will be building each month after that – just a hunch).


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