Two new recipes this weekend – and other randomness

I’m updating this as a way to avoid putting laundry away, which just has to be my least favorite chore to do, after washing dishes of course.  I have everything away, except for the stuff I have to hang up.  It really WON’T take that long to put away, it’s just a pain.

I didn’t make lunch for myself last week because I had frozen leftover roasted vegetable pasta that my mother had sent home with me in August before they moved to Texas.  It was okay, may have been better when it was fresh.  I like roasted vegetables, but the longer they sit, the more mushy they become.  It’s a texture thing I guess.  I’m not a picky eater, but texture is important when you’re eating something, right?

Anywho, this weeks lunch is tomato, basil, and cheddar soup.  I got to use my immersion blender, which seriously has to be the best invention ever, along with the slow cooker.  Looking forward to it.  It also has greek yogurt in it, which should be good.

Dinner tonight with C is skillet chicken parmesan.  I’ll be using C’s homemade pasta sauce for it.  I’m looking forward to this because it’s not the breaded, fried chicken parm that people know and love – including me.  Updates on both recipes soon.

We decided on a band for the wedding, which is VERY exciting.  I’ve also started looking at wedding cakes.  I think we may go with a wedding cake with whoopie pies, but not sure yet.  C is looking into transportation for that day.  We’re also starting to look for houses this weekend!  We’ve been looking for a little bit and have been to a few open houses, but we’re seriously starting to look considering we’re getting married in 6 and a half months!


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