Skillet chicken parm

Oh chicken parm, how I love you.  Breaded, baked, and smothered in cheese and sauce.  Served with pasta, and probably a nice slice of garlic bread.  The skillet chicken parmesan I made on Friday was definitely not any of that, but it still was oh so good.  I liked how it quick and easy to make and fairly hands off.  It’s healthier, which is also a plus 🙂

The mozzarella cheese made it, I’m telling you.  As the original  blogger, Kristin, writes, it is the elephant in the room.  And it is AWESOME.  I also liked the idea of brushing the chicken with olive oil instead of putting it in the  pan.  I’ve never tried that before.  I need to again.

I probably didn’t use as much sauce as Kristin recommends, but it still was good.  And it was C’s homemade sauce, which made it extra special 🙂 My fiance makes a huge batch of his own sauce every once in a while and we pull it out when recipes call for it.  It’s just jarred sauce and some spices, but it is oh so good.  He made it with fresh tomatoes once which was extra good.

I didn’t broil the chicken like the recipe recommends.  I was using one of C’s Calphalon saute pans which you really can’t broil stuff in.  I don’t think it made any difference.  The cheese was still ooey-gooey.

And the best part is that we had leftovers for dinner for Saturday.  Double win!


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