Tomato, basil and cheddar soup

Back to the grind of making a big thing for myself for my lunches for the week.  It is really economical.  I think I spent $23 at the grocery store on Friday for dinner on Friday and Saturday and the ingredients for my tomato, basil and cheddar soup, which calls for six servings.  Love it.

This soup.  Holy cow.  It might be my next favorite tomato soup after the tomato soup with the cannellini beans.  This also had a bit of a hearty flavor to it, but was definitely more mellow.  It wasn’t an in your face cheddar taste.  I might experiment a little bit with cheddar cheeses.  I purchased the kind you get next to the milk and the yogurt at the grocery store, which was probably my first mistake.  I  really should have just gotten the kind you can get in the cheese section.  I probably should have also gone to the largest of the grocery stores which is a mile from my apartment instead of the one the next town over.  But I was out that way because I had to go to Target and figured I would just stop there  rather than backtracking.  Backtracking isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I know people who will come into town just to be able to go to Whole Foods or Trader  Joes.  Heck, I know people who would go to the mothership Wegmans in my hometown because it was the best.

But I digress.  This is a good rainy day soup, which really isn’t the case today since it is 63 and sunny in Portland (one of my coworkers was wearing sandals).  I’m looking forward to it for the rest of the week.

Other random updates – C and I started house hunting as I mentioned in Friday’s post.  We didn’t go into anything but we drove around and got some ideas of what we can get for our money, which was good.  We also taste tested some whoopie  pies (Maine’s state treat…or dessert…I can’t remember.  Someone will let me know, I’m sure).  We’re thinking about serving them as dessert at the wedding in lieu of cake.  Fun and different – seriously, people don’t remember the cake except for the bride and groom (as according to one of my friends).  Anyone  I’ve talked to who I have mentioned  this idea to has  said that they think it is a cute idea and would be a nice Maine touch.  C even said that if he was given the choice between whoopie pie and cake,  he would go for cake.  The ones we tasted were good  but kind of small.  So we’re at the drawing board to look at sizes and price.


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