Pesto Dip

My mom has been making this FANTASTIC pesto dip for years.  She used to host a neighborhood Christmas party with our neighbors across the street and everyone had to bring an appetizer or a dessert.  One of our neighbors brought a pesto dip one year and everyone apparently raved about it (I was either too young to attend or I was babysitting one of the neighbors kids.  I was also never invited.  Strictly adults only.  Oh well).  The night after the party, my parents and our neighbors gathered for dinner and always ate the leftovers.  My neighbor ended up getting the recipe for this pesto dip and shared it with my mom who ended up sharing it with me when I started to become more domestic.  It’s pretty much our standard for any party we go to.

C’s annual Halloween party is this weekend.  It’s the fourth time he has hosted it.  It’s fun – he takes all the furniture out of his living room and puts it in his dining room, making it a “lounge”.  The living room, well, that becomes a dance floor, complete with a disco ball and disco lights.  Not that many people dance but it’s still a good time.  Last year, we had a HUGE snowstorm.  This year, nothing major is predicted (well, except Hurricane Sandy or “Franken-storm” but that’s next week).  He has requested this pesto dip every year that he has hosted it, which I am happy to comply with.  When I make it, it is not as pretty as when my mom makes it.  The layers kind of mix together in my version, but doesn’t it just end up being that way once it hits your stomach?

Recipe as follows.  I don’t know where the original recipe came from.  I also didn’t use margarine (I used unsalted butter instead) and I didn’t use pine nuts (they’re expensive!)

4 oz goat cheese

8 oz cream cheese

½ # margarine (2 sticks)

8 oz pesto

8 oz sun dried tomatoes, in oil, well drained

chopped pine nuts

1. have 1st 3 ingredients at room temp, and combine well

2. layer in pan in following order: cheese mixture pesto tomatoes pine nuts cheese mixture pesto tomatoes nuts cheese mixture nuts

Server with a variety of artisan breads

It’s also really good the following day on a toasted bagel.  Just saying 😉


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