Taco ranch chili

I love chilis.  They make the entire apartment as you cook them (especially if they are in a slow cooker) and they’re good comfort food (especially on days like this where we’re having Frakenstorm).  This chili from Life as a Lofthouse is no exception.  I made it on Friday afternoon and left for a while to go and help C with preparing the Halloween party on Saturday night.  When I came back, my entire apartment smelled delicious.  I could actually smell the chili as I was coming up the staircase to my apartment.  There’s nothing like that, let me tell you!

I used the “hot and spicy” taco seasoning and Hannaford brand ranch seasoning mix.  The hot and spicy was good,  but I like my chili’s spicy so I added a little more chili powder (probably closer to 1/2  teaspoon).  Still wasn’t hot enough for me when I ate it for lunch today, but  it was still delicious.  The ranch seasoning really made this chili though.


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