Shrimp Po’ Boy

C and I love seafood.  Living in Maine, we’re spoiled because we can get it a lot and it usually is pretty decent.  We don’t have it that often but we spoiled ourselves and had seafood two times this week!  C made a delicious glazed salmon that  is quickly becoming my favorite meal that he makes (it used to be an apple and fennel stuffed pork tenderloin) on Wednesday and last night I cooked (I usually cook on Fridays but since we’re going out of town tonight for the weekend, I cooked last night).  I wanted something quick and easy because I knew I wouldn’t be starting dinner until after 6 as I was working until 5 and it would take me 30 minutes to get back into town AND I  needed to go to the grocery store.

Last night’s dinner was shrimp po’ boys.  I’ve made it before and liked the recipe (thank you Pinterest and my board of recipes I would make again) and remembered it being pretty quick and easy to make.  I used chipotle mustard instead of creole mustard as Kevin, the blog writer suggests, but I don’t think it made that much of a difference.  I didn’t quite use the amount that he suggested because well, C didn’t have enough in the bottle and I didn’t realize that.  Oops.  I just increased the spice level and I think it came out just fine.  I do remember it being slightly more spicy when I made it the first time because I did use the correct amount of chipotle  mustard (or  slightly more…C and I both like spice, him more than me).  Thinking about it now, I probably could have also added sriracha or garlic chili sauce.  Yeah, they’re Asian, but they’re still good and pack a good punch.  The garlic chili sauce is slightly more spicy than the sriracha.  C’s best friend put it in a batch of jalapeno pesto that C made for wings (modeled it after a sauce from one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Binga’s Stadium).  C didn’t think it was quite hot enough so his best friend ended up putting the chili garlic sauce in it and used it as a pasta salad.  Holy cow.

Sriracha is also great.  You know a great place to buy sriracha?  Asian markets.  It’s cheap there!  C and I are lucky enough to have quite a few around both of our apartments.  It’s always interesting to go in there and see what stuff they have for sale.  One sells bugs – to eat.  I certainly wouldn’t try eating bugs but I think it is great that there are so many Asian markets in Portland because we do have a very high immigrant population here.

The po’ boys though?  They’re good.  Simple weeknight meal but it still feels special because it’s seafood.


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