The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey


I think that this was a book that either my dad’s brother or my dad’s sister gave me for Christmas.  They tend to always give me books, which isn’t a bad thing.  I haven’t been reading as often as I have been because I’ve been really tired and would rather just read my blogs on my phone and then sleep.  I need to make more time for reading though.  It might make me feel more relaxed.

Ptolemy Grey is a 91 year old African American man who finds out  that his great-nephew, who takes care of him, has been shot.  Another great nephew brings him to where the wake is happening and in the process, steals money from Ptolemy.  Ptolemy is already distrustful of  others, but this tips the scales.  While there, he meets Robyn, a 19 year old who  has been taken in by Ptolemy’s niece.  Robyn ends up becoming the one who helps to take care of Ptolemy and saves his life (in many ways).  Ptolemy ends up taking action for his own life during his “last days” (the title of the book is kind of a give away as to what is going to happen).

The story also alternates between Ptolemy’s present life and his experiences with an older gentleman named Coy Dog when he was younger.  Those experiences helped to shape the later life of Ptolemy and the things he was trying to accomplish in his last  days.  It got to be a little confusing because they kept going back and forth from past to present and Ptolemy was called multiple names in the book.

Overall, a beautifully written book.  Also kind of timely because I finished reading it on Saturday, which was the day that my grandmother passed away.  My grandmother was a remarkable woman who was married to my grandfather for 64 years before he  passed away in 2005.  She was 94 years old and raised four children and had seven grandchildren (including me) and one great-grandchild.  She will be deeply missed.


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