Hearty Chili

Looking back, I’ve  been making a LOT of chilis  and soups.  They’re usually quick and easy to make.  I’m all about the ease of cooking.  That’s the difference between C and I when we cook.  I tend to be pretty  hands off – his food is much more complicated and technical (he has been known to open up a packet of ramen before).  He usually always has dinner prepared when I get to his place after work (he gets out of work earlier than I do, but I don’t let him do ALL the cooking – Fridays and weekends are usually my days, and I will cook on the occasional weeknight).

Speaking of which – we have started house hunting for our home together!  We went out for three hours last weekend and didn’t see anything we liked – but who really sees their dream house on their first time out, right?  We have an idea of what we want which is good and our idea of a “dream home” is very similar.  We’ve spent some time looking on Trulia and seeing what is out there and we have pretty much the same taste.  It’s fun.  And stressful.  I’m already starting to get stressed out about the idea of having to move out of my apartment in less than six months.  Luckily, I will move out bit by bit.

Anywho, this chili from High Heels & Grills.  It’s a husband and wife team and every Monday, they have “Man Monday” and make “man food”.  This chili was one of the recipes recently.  It’s as pretty easy to make as it looks.  I didn’t necessarily make it “manly” and used ground turkey instead of ground beef, but I don’t think it lost anything with it.  I just realized I forgot to buy fresh tomatoes for the recipe (oops) but I don’t think it lost anything.  I used the diced tomatoes from our grocery store with diced chili peppers and also used Mexican corn instead of creamed corn.  Overall impressions, probably the best chili I have made (except for the turkey chili I made when I went camping with some girlfriends that was REALLY good and REALLY hot – that was really yummy).  It’s been on the colder side here in Maine, or at least starting to (except for the 60 degree temperatures we had on Monday…that was weird), so this has been perfect for lunches.


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