Wedding and house updates

I really need to better at updating this. I have been very busy at work and frankly, haven’t felt like updating afterwards.

As for life updates, wedding planning is basically done! We have a tasting in a couple of weeks, and then set our menu for the reception. We also start our marriage prep classes after the Super Bowl (a requirement to get married in the Catholic church). C’s father is checking with his grower because he is growing our wedding flowers for us and we’ll go from there. I also had my first dress fitting on the 17th, which was a great experience. The seamstress was wonderful and made my dress look beautiful, with just pins! I cannot wait to see what it looks like when she is done with it. My bridesmaids are planning my shower and I cannot wait to see what they are going to do – I trust that it will be beautiful and classy, because, well, that is me!

House front – we are under contract for a beautiful home! It’s in Gorham, ME, about 30 minutes from where we both live currently. It is move in ready and is a home we can grow into, rather than grow out of. We’re conditionally approved for a loan and are going through underwriting right now. Our closing date is supposed to be March 4th. We hope that things keep going as smoothly as they have been thus far. Fingers crossed.


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