Food updates!

What’s this – a blog post about a recipe I cooked?  What the what?

I made this  cheesy taco soup for my lunches on Friday from Iowa Girl Eats.  I really think that she is going to be my new best friend.  Every recipe I make of hers I absolutely LOVE.  I used hot and spicy taco seasoning which gave the soup a really good kick.  I have never used Rotel tomatoes before, but let me tell you, these were good.  I actually grabbed the Mexican Lime and Cilantro diced tomatoes instead of the green chili kind.  I probably would have to use the green chili diced  tomatoes to really tell if there is a difference in taste.  We’ve been having a cold snap in Maine (it was in the single digits last week in Maine and in the negative digits when I woke up to go to work – my car was not happy with me those days) so this was a nice soup to make to warm up with.  We’re having a heat wave (into the 50s) on Wednesday but it’s supposed to get cold again right afterwards.  I’ll  take it 🙂

I made croque monsieurs over the weekend for dinner  for C and I, as well as the hearty tomato soup I had made before.  The tomato soup didn’t have that kick that it did the first time I made it, but it still was good nevertheless.  The croque monsieurs were DELICIOUS.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the recipe except for maybe trying to broil the sandwich instead of baking it – hopefully that will make it more toasty and a little bit more structurally supported.  I unfortunately cannot link to this recipe on the blog because, well, Cooks  Illustrated doesn’t have it on their website.  C got me a Cooks Illustrated cook book for simple 30 minute meals for Christmas.  I’ve used it twice (will use it again tonight) and all recipes have been successful.  We’ve had good luck with Cooks Illustrated (except for a raspberry ganache C tried to make one time for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago and a very watery deep dish pizza he made recently) in the past so it was a pretty good investment.  They have another cookbook of 30 minute meals that I may either buy for myself or ask for as a present (hint hint C).  Tonight’s dinner is chicken and broccoli casserole (again from Cooks Illustrated) and leftover soup.


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