Baked chipotle, sweet potato and black bean quinoa cakes

I started to post the recipe for this the other day but got distracted. Oops 🙂 These cakes were delicious! And the avocado sauce? Out of this freaking world. The whole no meat for Lent has been interesting. We each had a meatball on Sunday at our marriage prep class but have otherwise been sticking to our observance. The cakes had a good taste to them – C kept remarking that they tasted like falafel and the avocado sauce tasted like taziki sauce. I didn’t notice but whatever. They were still good and a definite do again. I need to find another use for this sauce as well. It was that good. I forgot to purchase lime but I don’t think it lost anything. It will be interesting to see hope it tastes with lime though. And maybe leaving a couple seeds from the jalapeño pepper to add a little kick 🙂

Wedding front, we’re two and a half months away. We had our planning meeting tonight with our coordinator at the hotel where our reception is and are working on the finishing touches. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since C has proposed. We actually started dating four years ago next month – four years to almost the day that we move him into the house (we’re being traditional and I am not going to live with him until after the wedding – I will live there the week before with my parents and C will be elsewhere). It’s exciting and nervewracking. It has come so quickly and while I cannot wait for the wedding, I also cannot wait to start my life with this wonderful man.

Speaking of house – 12 days until we close! We have our final walk through on March 3 to make sure everything is okay. We’re also in the process of purchasing a washer and dryer (the current owners took theirs). Oh and purging and packing. I managed to purge a bunch of shoes and filled six 15 gallon garbage bags with junk from my apartment that I didn’t want to keep anymore. Go me.


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