Vegetarian Korma and life updates

Wow…I’ve been silent. But for good reason! C and I are officially homeowners! We closed on our house on March 4th and have been busy since then moving stuff in and getting settled. C is basically there and I am moving in at the end of April – the weekend before the wedding will be my last weekend in my apartment. I am slowly moving my stuff over. Today was four drawers from one of my two dressers with my PJ pants, hiking clothes, and t-shirts. Tomorrow – who knows. We’re getting a storm tomorrow. Nothing like snow on the first day of spring, huh? Welcome to Maine people.

We’re also at 47 days until the wedding. We actually got our marriage license the day we closed so technically, we could get married now.

Food wise…not a lot of cooking happening. Just a lot of packing. I did however make vegetarian korma tonight. And it was mighty yummy. We both like our Indian food hot (C more so than me). I should have made more of a sauce like you would get if you were at an Indian restaurant. It had a great flavor though and while maybe not truly authentic, was pretty much like something you could get in a restaurant (we’re also moving further from our favorite Brit-Indi place in Portland…sad face). Definitely a make again.

I also made seared scallops atop wilted spinach and parmesan risotto as our first meal in the house that wasn’t take out (moving week for C was a lot of sandwiches, grocery store sushi, and pizza). And it was also mighty yummy. I kinda freaked C out when I stopped by the house with groceries in the middle of the day (he works from home). While I was putting groceries away, he poked his head upstairs from our basement and said “I was 99.9% sure it was you…I wanted to be sure”. Since then, if I am stopping by during the day, I have let him know that I am. For us, you never can go wrong with risotto and scallops. Together, they’re fantastic.

Oh and we’ve started honeymoon planning…France, here we come!


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