About me

My name is Martha.  I  am a 29 year old living in Gorham, ME.   Who am I?  Well, in a nutshell:

– born and raised in Rochester, NY

– only child

– graduate of Catholic all-girls high school

– graduate of Providence College (go Friars!)

– did Jesuit Volunteer Corps (ruined for life)

– Catholic

– graduate of the University of Southern Maine with my Masters in Social Work

– Social Worker (hence the Masters)

– wife of a wonderful man (who I will refer to as C on here) who I married in May of 2013
– friend of many

– have neurofibromatosis type 1

– lover of books, knitting, cooking, beer, and wine

What is this?  Well, it’s a journal of my life and living it as I know it on a day to day basis.  It’s an account of books I’ve read, knitting projects I have  done (or am doing), cooking I have done, and travels I take.  I may be really good.  I may not.  I’ve tried the blogging thing before and was good with it for a while, then it petered out.  Be patient with me kind readers 🙂


My parents and I the day I graduated with my Masters in Social Work in May of 2012

393149_832874131577_209873158_n C and I on our wedding day.

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