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I work out!

Of course, when I say this, “Sexy and I Know  It” pops into my head.  And not necessarily the version that is  on the radio adnauseum.  I have the Big Head Todd and Monsters version stuck in my head.  For kicks, google “Ed Robertson Sexy and he  knows  it”.

As I posted the other day, I did zumba for the first and loved  it.  With winter coming (the coldness the past coming mornings reminded me of that), I need to find alternatives.  I love going for walks – C and I have been going for a lot this summer because we’re “sweating for the wedding”, but with winter coming, I’m not sure  if  they are going to cut down.  I really hope not.

The great thing about zumba the other day, as I was talking with one  of my coworkers,  was that the instructor had curves.  I’ve taken classes before and the instructors were completely physically fit and could do the moves perfectly and  seemed absolutely flawless – not making any mistakes.  Yikes.  My instructor on Tuesday just laughed at herself when she made a couple of mistakes, had fun, and didn’t point out when you make a  mistake or struggled (maybe that was my issue with heat yoga – if I didn’t do a move correctly, they came over and repositioned you.  Even though I KNEW  no one could see me, it still made me self conscious).

Maybe this is why I like Jillian Michaels workouts so much.  Yeah, she’s insane (that’s not why I like her work outs but it does help that  she yells at me when I work out).  It’s the fact that she makes mistakes.   She admits her weaknesses (the fact that she’s not flexible or how she does moves in a certain way because  of  old workouts she used to do).  I haven’t seen HER make a mistake but she struggles.  I like that she has a difficult version and an easy version for most of her workouts.  I like  that you can see the person doing the difficult version struggle (I actually saw one of her helpers lose her balance in a DVD and another kick with the wrong leg on another DVD).  They’re admitting that they are not perfect and that is alright.

Having not done classes in years, and really only done one particular brand  of workouts, is there a movement away from the ideal of  the “perfect” workout instructor?  Is instructors being able to recognize their weaknesses during the workout and own up to them making it easier to exercise?  Maybe.

And having to wear a wedding dress in 7 months (which I purchased a month after we got engaged) helps too 😉




I went to zumba for the first time ever tonight. I haven’t been to an organized class since doing heat yoga 3 years ago. School got the better of me, as did work, and I hated the idea of working out around others. I did workout DVDs. I went for walks (mostly with C). But classes…no way.

One of my coworkers convinced me to go tonight. I have been intrigued by zumba but never tried it. I loved how by the end of class I was a sweaty mess. I loved how no one judged me or corrected me if I did a dance move wrong (I felt self conscious at yoga if I was corrected doing a pose). I could laugh and have a good time but still work out. It was great. I see what the draw is. And I will do it again.

And C made me with buffalo wings for dinner after. And I didn’t feel guilty having them either. 🙂